Thanks to everyone again for a great 2019

Which has seen company sales increase by 24 % across the board, and a number of key milestones including:

  • Release of our new Car Dealership Inventory Management and Distribution Software (see
  • Release of our new Loc8 range of products (see
  • Release of our 4G QT LTE 500
  • Release of our Phonetrack App, soon to be followed with our Prestart and Driver Identification App

As everyone knows, December is a difficult month to get stock shipped from HK, and the current political situation in HK is impacting delivery times. Where possible we are now shipping via Chinese ports to avoid issues, but this has an increased impact on delivery times.

I would encourage everyone to consider your stock levels, and ensure orders you may require for release in December are placed in the first week of the month.

We will as usual offer our distributors a 10 % discount across the board for all orders finalised before the 7 December to assist us in our despatch department, and to avoid delays closer to the Christmas period.

Thanks to all of our dedicated distributors worldwide, and for your friendship, support, and trust in our business and solutions. I trust your break will be a wonderful one surrounded by family and friends, and look forward to a busy, and productive 2020.

Best regards, Mark Pallister