M-Protekt and M-Protekt+LIVE services – SECOND NOTICE

Quiktrak Global are writing to all M-Protekt and M-Protekt+LIVE following our official notice dated 20th December 2019 advising of the termination of agreement between Quiktrak Global and Motor One. Please note the M-Protekt and M-Protekt+LIVE services were rebranded versions of the Quiktrak Global solutions, as with termination of the agreement all services have since been suspended.

We are writing to follow up our initial communication dated 20th December 2019 and to advise all M-Protekt and M-Protekt+LIVE clients who have solutions for security, insurance or other reasons are aware of the suspension of service and to provide options for those clients who wish to migrate their services to a compatible solution provider. As part of this process all M-Protekt and M-Protekt+LIVE accounts have been reviewed.

Please note the information provided for your account has shown a QT500 2G system was fitted. Please note as of July 2018 all 2G networks within Australia as supplied by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone were closed. As a result of this any client who had not had their original 2G QT 500 M-Protekt or M-Protekt+LIVE system upgraded have not had service since July 2018.

Quiktrak Global has come to an agreement with its local Quiktrak license holder in Australia and New Zealand to offer discounted rates to provide M-Protekt and M-Protekt+LIVE clients with a complete upgrade to the QT LTE 500 4G solution.

Please click the contact tab to receive a call back request and further information.

Please note customer support personnel will attempt contact via a phone call to ensure all M-Protekt and M-Protekt+LIVE clients have received the correspondence and understand their options.

Quiktrak Global