Quiktrak Global wish to provide a third notice regarding the termination of its agreement with Motor One to supply and support the M-Protekt solutions sold through its dealer network. As per our previous notices Motor One elected to terminate its agreement with Quiktrak Global in December 2019, as a result of the termination of the agreement all M-Protekt services have been suspended and inoperable since December 2019.

Automotive Technology Group Australia (ATGA) as the license holder for the Quiktrak brand in Australia and New Zealand has been working through all enquiries received by impacted M-Protekt clients and attempting to phone all impacted clients to ensure they are aware of the situation, they will continue to do this until all clients have been attempted to be contacted via phone and email to ensure all contact attempts have been made.

We wish to advise M-Protekt clients that the offer made by ATGA is an option for impacted clients to continue the services they had under the QuikProtect or Quiktrak banner. Please note they are NOT your only option, some others are included below

  • Contact the dealer/business you purchased the system through to discuss your options. These details will be on your original purchase receipt.
  • Contact Motor One to discuss your options.
  • Allow the system to lapse. This will mean your assets will not be protected.
  • Contact consumer affairs.

For those clients who have been migrated free of charge we can no longer provide any assistance or support however we encourage you to test your M-Protekt GOLD system to ensure it is operational and performs to the same standard as the M-Protekt system you originally purchased.

Should you wish to explore your options with ATGA, please complete the contact request form.

Quiktrak Global