About US

We prioritise investors

As an investor-owned fund manager, EFM’s primary focus is to deliver superior long-term net performance through quality portfolios that have a strong risk focus. We aim to ensure that fees are fairly priced across our global product range. We seek investments that make sense on a risk-return basis for like-minded, well-capitalised institutional investors, which include:

  • High net worth individuals;
  • Non-pension investment funds;
  • Government entities, including sovereign wealth funds;
  • Endowments and foundations;
  • Universities;
  • Insurers.

All investment decisions are guided by three core beliefs:


A strong and inclusive society will lead to greater participation in economic markets and provide greater investment growth opportunities.


Long-term strength and sustainability of the global economy is only possible if we have a healthy environment.


Strong governance is critical to long-term sustainable economic growth. All participants have an obligation to behave honestly and ethically.