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About Us

Sinopacific Africa Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Sinopacific (China) Limited, which began investing into electronic design and manufacture in Guandong, PRC in 2006. In the ensuing years Sinopacific has become one of the largest suppliers of GPS security tracking devices, and software in the world, with distribution in 55 countries supplying more than 35,000 GPS devices per month.

With a proficient, and established purchasing, despatch and logistics department in Shenzhen, our company chose to capitalise on this investment and facilitate the purchase and distribution of PPE safety products, connecting manufacturers in China with distributors worldwide.

Our Services Include
  • Sourcing the best quality PPE Medical and Civil masks.
  • Maintaining quality checks, arranging payment.
  • Packing and despatcn.
  • Complex certification and customs requirements to ship products safely and efficiently.

Fully Certified

All our products are certified, so you can not worry about your safety.

Part of the Sinopacific Group Limited

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